A lot of people find their lives hard to manage, mostly becouse they don’t know any solution to it. It’s a big step to decide
” I want to change!” “I want to live better!”
Struggling with change, always procrastinating, not advancing as the years pass faster and faster, all those things caused extreme stress, damn, even fear. Thinking about this is not enough, you need either external help or real good mental capacity to get out of this vicious cycle.

That’s how we started, reached for help on the internet and guess what we found? 

A whole lot of influencers trying to sell us their fake healthy products, wall street boys promising us a rich life by pumping money into s&p500 and gurus claiming we should active our chakras & throw rasengans. Unfortunately they made us waste a lot of time and led us to nothing. 

That’s the thing we do better. We are a credible source for self-improvement

Core concept

We’re building a informational hub for improving yourselves.

How to get up the ground? How to achieve consistency? How to make habits?
That’s just core questions that need to be answered in order to make progress.
We explored the progression tree of health, psyche & finances. Gathered all the necessary information, tested solutions and filtered them, now we transform it into content worthy enough to improve lives with ease and clarity.

We’re mainly interested in Kaizen philosophy and bio-hacking.
We believe every human has unused potential which we will try to bring out.

Sticking with us will lead to setting realistic goals in your life, increase of daily energy, improving your routines, expanding your view to more possibilities, understanding how and why our minds work the way they do and much more!

You ain’t gonna believe how this knowledge can change the way you think about your future! Life finally starts to make some sense once you acquire what we have to share. 

Does it end there?

Nah fam, we did all this for a reason right?
We got ourselves together, our bodies and minds are in sync now but what’s next?
Now we’re finally free of our own limitations, we are good to go exploring our passions, hobbies, expand your circle of interest.

Oh, yeah. Money (or the lack of it) is stopping us now. Chances are very likely that you also work a job that just leaves you exhausted by the end of the day.
You have no time, you’re exhausted, your hobbies cost too much. Feels like a trap doesn’t it?

We were struggling with it a lot. All this information we gathered was useless when the world was stopping us anyway.
Hopefully there are ways of organizing your daily activities to free some time. Ways to put your finances in order to gain wealth, ways to change your work environment to something you enjoy doing.


Current Development


In order to give you insight into what we learned so far, we need a place to share. Our main topic is to enhance lives by expanding what we're unware about ourselves. We're exploring psychological aspects, bio-hacking our bodies and expand our passions. Mixing philosophy with science is key to personal growth and that's what you'll find on our Blog.


May we be too small for stock exchange, but in the crypto world everyone gets a chance and we are taking it. Our own token is being made to allow you participate first hand into creation of Humain Hub. Token will be deployed as BEP-20 on Binance smart chain. A percentage of buy & sell tax is distributed as BTC rewards to our holders, so hold your bags and enjoy the ride!
Humain won't stop growing, it's your chance to grow with us. Once we start earning revenue, we will inject part of the earning into the distribution system of our token in gratitude

Community building

What would we do without people? We are eager to meet our audience. Your voice is well needed to create the best possible content. After all, we do it for humans and each of us is different, we're gonna need more minds than just our team
Join us on Telegram, have a chat, feel free to ask any questions or shitpost our channel A lot of activities is planned to take place there: votes regarding development, contests, trade signals, sharing damn good music and many more. Come hang with us, with numbers comes strength!

Future Features

Branding support

We believe, you should have a brand around you or your business no matter which niche you operate in. Branding your passion or hobby is a wonderful way of earning with the things you love, giving you your desired freedom. sadly, with the limited time in a day setting everything up is exhausting and time consuming. We ease it up by creating what's needed to start and handing you the key to run it further.

Meme page

We just need a place to shitpost freely


We don't want to leave you leave empty handed, if you like we have a store full of goods useful for your journey with us. Have a look, I'm sure something catches your eye. Percentage of revenue from sales goes into dividends for our token holders. It's also a place linked to our Digital Art sector. Our designs are sold here in form of merch and other printables

Music discovery & playlists

The absolute love we have for music is insane. I'm not gifted enough to create it myself but finding new artists, exploring new genres and enjoying every piece of it is my daily routine. sharing this to you is my duty. I'll be creating playlists on spotify sound cloud and other platforms to tune up your day the same way i do mine! If you're an artist you can reach out to us for a shout outs

AI Tools

Fascinated by the AI expansion, we're exploring ways of implementing AI to our systems. The potential it brings to automation and organization in various areas of our lives and businesses; is astonishing. Different tools will be tested, and uploaded to our public servers.

Digital Art

We're obsessed not only with music but with art pieces as well. Digital art comes in many forms, we specialize in clothing designs, canvas and interesting abstract "paintings". Our designers are also engaged in commercial activities such as ads, templates, patterns etc. Here we'll use print-on-demand services to bring them to life. We're also creating galleries, you'll be able access them and use its contents for your own needs.

Who does this?

Well, me
I'm Radoslaw
i run this project.

I did start this alone and

Not alone of course,
It would be madness.

As much as i love working alone it’s just not realistic.

I’m using the help that various independent contractors to make this into reality.


CEO of Humain Hub

Developer & Project Manager


Back-end programmer

Automation Expert



Social Media Manager


Front-end programmer

Graphic Designer




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